March 24, 2015--Japan to build 250-mile-long, four storey-high wall to stop tsunamis (Independent)

Japanese authorities have unveiled plans to build a giant 250-mile long sea barrier to protect its coastline from devastating tsunamis. According to the proposals, the £4.6bn ($6.8bn) barrier would reach 12.5m high in some places – stretching taller than a four storey building.

February 10, 2014--Two NASA satellite missions fill gaps in water knowledge (Circle of Blue)

Neither obstructed by political borders nor thwarted by daunting terrain, satellites gather data that are otherwise inaccessible. Hundreds of kilometers aloft, high-tech instruments reveal the big-stage physical changes that are shaping and reshaping the planet.

December 27, 2013--How is global warming affecting precipitation? New satellite to help explain. (Science Monitor)

The United States and Japan are getting set to launch a 4.3-ton satellite designed to monitor rain and snowfall in unprecedented detail. The agencies announced on Thursday that they have scheduled the launch for Feb. 28, 2014, from Japan's Tanegashima Space Center on an island off the southern tip of the larger island of Kyushu.

August 16, 2012--Invasive species from Japan ride tsunami debris to American shores (Los Angeles Times)

Millions of hitchhikers are being carried to American coasts on large pieces of debris set adrift by last year’s Japanese tsunami. Now scientists are concerned that these invading organisms — both plants and animals — could disrupt marine ecosystems in their new homes.

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