Mancos Shale

June 6, 2013--Tribe seeks to expand shale-oil drilling (Durango Herald)

Texas-based Swift Energy isn’t the only company chasing the lure of the Mancos Shale in La Plata County. The Southern Ute Indian Tribe-owned Red Willow Production Co. drilled one well into the Mancos Shale formation in December and now is planning to lease 12,000 acres of tribal minerals on Fort Lewis Mesa for further exploration.

March 19, 2013--Next big oil boom could come in northwestern NM (Denver Post)

Executives from some of the nation's biggest oil and gas companies said Monday that the next big oil boom could take place in northwestern New Mexico.

July 5, 2012--Water-health warriers (Montrose Press)

It may not appear as though Montrose and the Uncompahgre Valley are in the middle of a war. But a battle is being waged, and the prize is healthy waterways. The enemy is selenium. The trace element that occurs naturally in the area’s Mancos shale poses little to no threat to humans.

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