August 23, 2016--The Colorado River conveys as much politics as it does water (ydr.com)

Water.  We harness its power from mighty rivers.  We experience its wrath in the form of hurricanes and tsunamis.  We enjoy it for recreation.  We rely on daily intake of water for our very existence.  Water can be the flashpoint for contentious political battles, local conflicts, and even war. On the Colorado River, our nation’s largest reservoir has dr

February 10, 2015--GOP challenges Obama over flood risks from climate change (State)

Underscoring the political challenges President Barack Obama faces as he presses ahead to combat climate change, eight Republican senators are contesting the legality of his Jan. 30 directive toughening floodplain standards for new federal projects. In a letter to Obama last week that was coordinated by Mississippi Sen.

November 9, 2014--World governments failing Earth's ecosystems, says top conservationist (Guardian)

Governments are lagging behind on international commitments to safeguard the planet’s ecosystems, with politicians failing to grasp that economic growth depends upon environmental protection, the head of the world’s leading conservation organisation has warned.

November 4, 2014--Dianne Feinstein may ask Obama to bypass Congress to protect Mojave sites (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein threatened Monday to ask President Obama to create two national monuments in the Mojave Desert, without approval of Congress, if lawmakers again fail to pass legislation protecting the land.

November 3, 2014--GOP candidates push hard for state control over federal lands (Colorado Independent)

Republicans aren’t just gunning for control of both houses of the State Legislature on Tuesday, they’d also like state government to take over millions of acres of federal lands in Colorado to increase logging, grazing, mining and oil and gas drilling.

August 3, 2014--Western water suppliers reach Colorado River conservation agreement (Summit Daily)

Denver Water joined forces last week with water providers in Arizona, California and Nevada and the federal government to sign a water conservation agreement. The Colorado River System Conservation program is an effort to address a long-term imbalance on the Colorado River caused by years of drought and water demands that exceed supply.

August 1, 2014--EPA water office left rudderless by Senate inaction (Environment and Energy Publishing)

Last November, moments after Senate Democrats triggered a controversial rule change meant to speed confirmation of President Obama's executive branch and judicial nominees, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recalled the plight of Ken Kopocis, who was awaiting a vote on whether he would take the reins at U.S. EPA's water office.

April 10, 2014--The politics of drought: California water interests prime the pump in Washington (Center for Responsive Politics)

Last year, as California endured one of its driest years on record, the Westlands Water District made it rain 3,000 miles away -- on Capitol Hill. The nation's largest agricultural water district, located in the Central Valley, spent $600,000 on lobbying efforts, according to an analysis by KPCC in partnership with the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

August 21, 2012--High and dry (Commerce City Sentinel)

John Berge, deputy administrator for field operations for the Farm Service Agency, recently acknowledged that political gridlock and bitter partisanship in the nation’s capital had inflicted greater hardship on the nearly 1,600 counties ravaged by the drought. “I know this is stuff you already know, but this is a perfect storm in many ways.

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