Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

August 3, 2015--Climate change: Oceans will die even if we remove carbon dioxide from atmosphere, say scientists (Independent)

Attempts to save the world from global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while continuing to burn fossil fuels are unlikely to prevent the oceans from dying as a result of a build-up of acidity, scientists have found.

October 17, 2013--Global warming: Water shortages loom for millions (Summit Voice)

As many as 500 million people could face water shortages in the coming decades, as a warming climate affects global water supplies. “We managed to quantify a number of crucial impacts of climate change on the global land area,” said Dieter Gerten, of the Potsdam Institu

September 12, 2013--Current pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions put over 600 million people at risk of higher water scarcity (Science Daily)

Our current pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are projected to set the global mean temperature increase at around 3.5°C above pre-industrial levels, will expose 668 million people worldwide to new or aggravated water scarcity.

July 19, 2013--Study: Long-term sea level rise is inevitable (Summit Voice)

Sea level rise is here to stay, according to researchers with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, who recently published a study combining evidence from early Earth’s climate history with comprehensive computer simulations using physical models of all four major contributors to long-term global sea-level rise.

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