Rain Barrel Harvesting

April 17, 2015--Senate panel delays vote on rain-barrel bill (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Homeowners who use rain barrels are violating state water laws, but a bill discussed in a Senate panel on Thursday would make it OK. Under HB1259, which cleared the Colorado House last month on a 45-20 vote, homeowners would be able to use two 55-gallon barrels to collect rainwater, but only for use on their gardens and lawn. The thinking behind the measure is two-fold, said Sen.

April 14, 2016--Homeowner rain barrel bill ready for signature (Montrose Press)

Colorado is a signature away from specifically allowing — with a few limitations — homeowners to collect precipitation into rain barrels. House Bill 1005 passed third reading in the Colorado Senate on April 1, permitting “small-capacity rooftop collection.” Under it, people will be able to collect up to 110 gallons of rainfall, in no more than two barrels, from

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