Water Pumping

July 7, 2014--Can this 2,250-foot tower produce enough clean energy to replace power plants? (Washington Post)

In Yuma, nestled at the intersection of California, Arizona and Mexico, you’ll find a community that receives more sunshine than any other in the United States. It’s here that daylight hours linger around, on average, for 11 hours, with cloudless days being the norm 90 percent of the time.

February 28, 2014--Water education: The hydrologic cycle (Anza Valley Outlook)

The hydrologic cycle is the continuous circulation of water from land and sea to the atmosphere and back again.

October 17, 2012--State to shut down well violators (Alamosa Courier)

Colorado Division of Water State Engineer Dick Wolfe is not waiting for full-fledged groundwater regulations to be implemented before cracking down on excessive well pumping in the San Luis Valley.

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