Coal Bed Methane Drilling

March 3, 2010--Water-rights owners sue state - again (Durango Herald)

Lawyers for senior water-rights owners sued the state government Monday in La Plata County and five towns, saying the state engineer is failing to protect water-rights owners from gas and oil companies. Gas and oil companies remove water from the ground after they drill wells.

July 1, 2008--Judge dismisses suit in Wyoming coal-bed methane water case (U.S. Water News)

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit alleging the state has failed to uphold its obligations to protect Wyoming's groundwater. District Judge Peter Arnold in Cheyenne ruled recently that officials have acted in accordance with the Wyoming constitution.

May 9, 2008--Bush signs bill to recover water from energy development (Colorado Springs Gazette)

Federal legislation to explore putting groundwater pumped out during oil and gas production to use was signed into law Thursday. The bill signed by President Bush directs the Interior Department to assess the feasibility of recovering and cleaning up the millions of gallons of water that are reinjected into the ground or disposed of during oil and gas development.

April 11, 2008--Senate passed 'produced water' act (Fort Collins Now)

The Senate has passed a bill sponsored by U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo., that could allow for the recovery of usable water from sources contaminated by oil and gas drilling operations.

March 3, 2008--Feds approve water rules for gas drillers (Denver Post)

The federal government has approved strict new water-quality standards sought by Montana over fears that natural-gas drilling in neighboring Wyoming could pollute interstate rivers. Montana officials said Monday that the new rules would protect farmers from poor-quality water produced during exploration for coal-bed methane, a type of natural gas.

February 25, 2008--San Juan Basin stakeholders group forms (Durango Herald)

With a nudge from a U.S. congressman, a new stakeholders group has been formed to give voice to individuals affected by coal-bed methane drilling in the northern San Juan Basin. Coal-bed methane drilling has the potential to affect water quality. The group will hold its first open house early in March. U.S. Rep. John Salazar, D-Manassa, asked U.S.

January 23, 2008--Environmentalists sue to prevent drilling in San Juan Mountains (Denver Post)

Environmentalists are suing the federal government to prevent drilling on what they say is the last untouched area of the San Juan Basin in southwest Colorado.

January 23, 2008--Little water used so far in Piceance Basin coal bed methane extraction (Glenwood Springs Post Independent)

A study has found that coal bed methane production in the Piceance Basin has resulted in the consumption of less than 1 acre-foot of water, or about 326,000 gallons of water. The hydrologist who participated in the study called the total an “extremely small” figure.

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