Colorado River Water Conservation District

September 1, 2008--West Slope eyes 'water bank' (Summit Daily News)

Colorado water users could avoid drought shortages by pooling resources to buy or lease senior water rights and hold them in a new Western Slope “water bank,” according to officials with the Colorado River Water Conservation District.

August 25, 2008--A year after huge mud flow, Fryingpan River prevails (Aspen Times)

Nature proved once again this summer that humans should be wary of intervening to ‘repair’ an ecosystem after a cataclysmic event, according to the Roaring Fork Conservancy. The latest lesson was provided on the Fryingpan River below its confluence with Seven Castles Creek.

August 24, 2008--Seminar to look at Colorado River water development (Summit Daily News)

Based on a 90-year-old treaty, Colorado is obligated deliver about 70 percent of the river's flow to downstream states. Water experts will take a close look at how the state can allocate the 30 percent remaining for Colorado at an upcoming seminar in Grand Junction. 

July 3, 2008--District explores hydropower potential (Montrose Daily Press)

As the country looks to the agriculture industry for renewable energy in the forms of corn for ethanol and land for wind turbines, Delta Conservation District is assessing the feasibility of microhydropower.

June 8, 2008--New law protects Western Slope water (Aspen Times)

A new law that requires developers to show proof of adequate water supplies before getting a green light to build aims to balance growth with natural resources. House Bill 1141, inked by Gov.

June 6, 2008--Roundtable group discusses limited water supply (Grand Junction Free Press)

People in western Colorado have been talking about how to best use the basin’s limited supply of water for the future, water watchers in the Colorado River Basin discussed Wednesday.

May 12, 2008--Colorado River in good shape--this year (Aspen Times)

The Colorado River Basin is in good shape this year. Spring runoff will fill all the upper basin reservoirs in the next few months, water experts said at the annual state of the river meeting, held last week in Frisco.

May 8, 2008--Denver Water Board extends olive branch to West Slope (Sky Hi Daily News)

Denver Water may be owning up to the impacts its water diversions have had on Grand County water sources. At the State of the River meeting hosted by the Colorado River District in Granby on Tuesday, Denver Water Manager Chips Barry commented the water supplier is working to “mitigate the past” as it takes care of the future.

May 4, 2008--Shell makes run on water (Denver Post)

In its quest to melt oil out of western Colorado's shale, Royal Dutch Shell has been buying up land and water rights in anticipation of what is likely to be a thirsty new industry. Some officials, however, worry that the demands of the oil-shale industry could drain every drop of the region's remaining water.

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