Florida River

July 4, 2012--City needs your help to conserve water (Durango Herald)

Durango city officials hope residents will join them in making water rationing unnecessary this summer through conservation. “The most important thing is to have community awareness and involvement,” city Utilities Director Stephen Salka said Monday in briefing water commissioners about possible drought issues.

August 29, 2011--Demands on the Animas River (Durango Herald)

According to the Colorado Division of Water Resources, the historical average annual flow in the Animas and Florida rivers is 660,000 acre-feet. Probably the largest amount is pulled out by ranchers and farmers. In 2010, the seven largest ditches diverted 89,139 acre-feet. Partners in the Animas-La Plata Project can take up to 57,100 acre-feet of water a year.

August 31, 2010--Industry plans tap reservoirs as substitute for groundwater (Durango Herald)

State regulators have approved plans by the natural-gas industry to replace water it depletes from streams with water from Vallecito and Lemon reservoirs. The Substitute Water Supply Plans by a coalition of gas companies won approval from the State Engineer's office in June.

July 27, 2010--5-year study consolidates county maps (Durango Herald)

Five years spent consolidating and updating 30 years of flood-plain maps has given La Plata County a modern code aimed at keeping homes and businesses high and dry. "We've done numerous studies going back to the mid-1970s to map flood plains," Butch Knowlton, director of the county building department, said.

August 14, 2008--Water district narrowly passes (Durango Herald)

Voters by a slim margin approved the creation of the La Plata Archuleta Water District, which aims to establish a rural water system where residents currently depend on wells or trucked-in water. The district covers primarily southeast La Plata County. 

August 1, 2008--LAPLAWD, opponents debate rural water system (Pine River Times)

Arguments for and against a rural domestic water system were presented to Pine River Rotary Club members on July 23. The district is needed because water wells in many part of the county depend on traditional flood irrigation for re-charge.

July 24, 2008--Collecting public rainwater is tricky (Durango Herald)

Homeowners who capture rain from the roof to water plants or a garden are breaking Colorado state law. No kidding. The right to use water in Colorado - unlike Eastern states - is based on what is called the prior appropriation doctrine.

July 21, 2008--Water plan faces vote in August (Durango Herald)

Residents of southeast La Plata County - who draw their drinking water from wells or truck it in - finally are getting the opportunity to vote on the formation of a potable-water system.

June 5, 2008--Durango water gets 'A' (Durango Herald)

The city of Durango released its annual consumer confidence report for drinking water Wednesday, and for at least the 30th year in a row the city's municipal water is among the cleanest in America.

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