Florida River

January 2, 2008--Durango uses area rivers, awaits A-LP completion (Durango Herald)

The city of Durango holds a series of rights on the Animas and Florida rivers to provide the water that flows through residents' faucets and bathtubs.

The city owns the rights to 9 cubic feet per second on the Florida River, about nine miles upstream from town, said Jack Rogers, director of public works.

November 8, 2007--The native dilemma (Durango Telegraph)

The push is on to go native in the headwaters of Hermosa Creek. The Colorado Division of Wildlife and San Juan National Forest are currently working to reverse the local decline of the native Colorado River cutthroat trout. However, the reintroduction effort, which focuses on the drainage’s headwaters, has also drawn mixed reviews.

August 28, 2007--Group opposes Pine River water district expansion (Durango Herald)

Opposition is mounting to a proposal that could put the Pine River Irrigation District in the water business far beyond its current involvement.

June 19, 2007--And the west is history (Durango Herald)

One hundred years ago: The City Council agreed to a motion to allow Animas City to use a portion of the water from the Florida River, "to be conveyed through the Durango water mains at a rate of three cents per 1,000 gallons." The life of the contract would be 20 years.

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