Ground Water Depletion

July 1, 2008--Judge dismisses suit in Wyoming coal-bed methane water case (U.S. Water News)

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit alleging the state has failed to uphold its obligations to protect Wyoming's groundwater. District Judge Peter Arnold in Cheyenne ruled recently that officials have acted in accordance with the Wyoming constitution.

May 2008--Rosemont mine may expand CAP pipeline (US Water News)

A Green Valley (AZ) company is proposing to nearly double the size of a planned pipeline to import Central Arizona Project water into the growing area, as part of an agreement to bring in CAP water for the Rosemont mine.

December 3, 2007--Developers face new water-supply rules in Pima County (Arizona Daily Star)

Pima County, for the first time, will look at future water use before deciding whether developers can build more houses or businesses. Environmentalists and county officials have long been concerned that current policy does not consider the effect of groundwater pumping on the environment or neighboring wells.

September 26, 2007--Sticker shock: $1 billion for water (Rocky Mountain News)

Denver's southern suburbs must spend $1 billion by 2020 to wean themselves off an ailing groundwater system, officials at a water summit said Tuesday.

June 13, 2007--An American Sahara (Latin America Press)

Mexico's arid north--54 percent of the nation's land surface--is drying out and blowing away in the wind at an alarming rate as desertification transforms the terrain into an American Sahara. Mexico's semi-arid region is turning into an arid wasteland at the rate of 2 percent a year. Fragile aquifers are sucked dry and arosion turn once-tillable land into sand dunes.

CLE Colorado Water Law Workshop

03/08/2007 8:30 am
03/09/2007 5:00 pm

New challenges for water development, including a panel presentation discussing new definitions of drought, climate change, ground water depletion and alternatives for development of new supplies. Workshop will be at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Denver, offered by the Continuing Legal Education. Earn up to 13 MCLE or real estate credits.

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