April 29, 2014--Colorado could play big role in new hydropower push, feds say (Denver Business Journal)

Colorado and other western states are being positioned as ground zero in what appears to be a potential massive new push by the federal government to develop new hydroelectric power capacity in the U.S. That’s the underlying assumption in a new study unveiled by the U.S. Department of Energy Tuesday in Washington before a conference of hydroelectric-power interests.

April 16, 2014--Jolted by reality, Colorado River water managers plan for persistent drought (Circle of Blue)

The severe risks of an extended drought in the Colorado River Basin – a shutdown of hydropower generation, functionally empty lakes, and restrictions on water use – are forcing the basin’s seven states to consider unprecedented changes in how they manage a scarce resource.

April 15, 2014--Making dams safer for fish around the world (Science Daily)

Think of the pressure change you feel when an elevator zips you up multiple floors in a tall building. Imagine how you'd feel if that elevator carried you all the way up to the top of Mt. Everest -- in the blink of an eye. That's similar to what many fish experience when they travel through the turbulent waters near a dam.

March 13, 2014--Water leaders seek to avert loss of power generation from Lake Powell (Delta Independent)

Even as two to three feet of snow were accumulating in Colorado's high country during storms last month, leading water thinkers were issuing sober warnings about the potential impact of a lingering regional drought in the Colorado River Basin.

March 12, 2014--California drought dries up hydro, nut power stays on (National Geographic)

California's record drought has parched crops, but hasn't yet dimmed lights or choked the flow of electricity, even though the Golden State, with more than 300 dams, has long been a hydroelectricity leader among U.S. states.

March 9, 2014--Drought hastens end of a region’s hydropower era (New York Times)

The yearslong drought in Central Texas could eventually snuff out a renewable power source that fueled the region’s early growth: hydropower. Faced with dwindling water supplies, the Lower Colorado River Authority, which supplies water and energy to much of Central Texas, is

November 28, 2013--Small hydropower project near Silverton approved (Telluride Daily Planet)

One of the first new small hydroelectric power projects in the country is quickly taking shape in Silverton, thanks to new legislation championed by an Ophir man. The project might be relatively small — it will produce only around 11 kilowatts of electricity at any given time — but it represents a big change.

October 27, 2013--West trends toward super drought (Post Independent)

Colorado’s southeast plains have turned into a swirling dust bowl. Nevada is relocating herds of wild horses and cattle off parched federal rangelands. The Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Program is regularly seeding clouds to make rain.

September 20, 2013--Colorado River hydropower faces a dry future (IEEE Spectrum)

Last year, the Hoover Dam hydroelectric plant installed the first of five wide-head turbines. These are designed to work efficiently even as the Colorado River shrinks under a record-long drought. The dry spell affecting the dam’s power source has outlasted any other in the 77 years that the structure has generated electricity.

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