La Nina

May 20, 2016--A drying trend forecast for the Southwest (Inkstain)

Today’s long lead outlook from the Climate Prediction Center is enough to make a southwestern water manager long a second consecutive busted forecast. With La Niña in the offing, the forcast  shows creeping brown across the Four Corners states by August and not letting up until late spring of 2017.

January 27, 2015--Warming ups odds of extreme La Niñas, wild weather (Climate Central)

La Niña events can drive weather patterns wild around the globe from helping exacerbate drought in West Africa and increase rainfall in areas as diverse as South Asia and the Pacific Northwest. The more extreme the La Niña, which is characterized by a cooling of waters in the tropical Pacific, generally the more pronounced the impacts can be.

May 20, 2014--How El Niño might alter the political climate (New York Times)

El Niño is coming. Above-average sea surface temperatures have developed off the west coast of South America and seem poised to grow into a full-fledged El Niño event, in which unusually warm water temperatures spread across the equatorial East Pacific.

May 16, 2014--Drought relief may be on the way (Cortez Journal)

A lost friend of farmers, skiers, and boaters may revisit the Four Corners soon. The El Niño Southern Oscillation phenomenon in the Eastern Pacific Ocean is predicted to form this summer, potentially bringing moisture to the area.

January 25, 2014--Early trends point to El Nino cycle (Montrose Daily Press)

Although it’s early to think about weather patterns toward the end of the year, models and trends show that Colorado could be headed for a southernly winter storm system. “We are still neutral in the cycle. The models are hinting at going toward an El Nino cycle next fall,” the National Weather Service’s Aldis Strautins said.

July 1, 2013--Global warming may drive more active La Niña pattern (Summit Voice)

Climate scientists have long suspected that global warming has an influence on the Pacific Ocean El Niño- La Niña cycle (El Niño-Southern Oscillation), but instrumental records tracking the shift between above- and below average sea surface temperatures don’t go back far enough to provide context for any recent changes in the pattern.

April 12, 2013--Climatologist airs brighter drought outlook for Colorado (Loveland Reporter)

Colorado's chief climate expert told an anxious group of farmers and Front Range water managers Thursday that early spring weather gives rise to some drought optimism.

March 18, 2013--Colorado: No El Niño, no La Niña – what’s driving the weather? (Summit Voice)

With neither El Niño or a La Niña conditions in the Pacific Ocean, long-range weather forecasters have been struggling to develop confidence in their outlook for the coming spring season — a critical time for much of the West in terms of getting some relief from drought conditions.

February 2, 2013--Drought is making itself at home (Durango Herald)

The 1950s that could be on the way to Colorado is the decade of drought. So says Brian Bledsoe, a Colorado Springs meteorologist who studies the history of ocean currents and uses what he learns to make long-term weather forecasts.

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