Lake Powell

October 30, 2007--Water shortage will hit Lower Basin states, official says (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

A water shortage in the Lower Colorado River Basin could come within three to five years, even if the U.S. Department of Interior approves water shortage guidelines recently agreed to by the basin’s seven states.

October 22, 2007--Water rights making waves (Craig Daily Press)

A Western Slope lawmaker is considering legislation that would give the state of Colorado authority over all future water rights. State Sen.

June 7, 2007--Feds working on solutions as river runoff remains low (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

The Colorado River is entering its eighth year of sustained drought as federal officials prepare ways for the Interior Department to manage the river during shortages. The state of flows into Colorado River reservoirs are characterized as "dire." Lakes Powell and Mead are about half full.

May 24, 2007--Lake Powell is doomed, activist says (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

Rich Ingebretsen is trying to spread a message many Colorado River Basin water managers don't like: "Lake Powell is going away." His argument goes like this: Silt will clog Lake Powell, rendering it useless, and global warming is going to ravage the West with higher temperatures and inadequate precipitation so much that Lake Powell by even the Bureau of Reclamation's estimation will be e

May 14, 2007--Colo. River pact updated (Denver Post)

...On April 30, the seven states that use the Colorado river signed an agreement that permits upper-basin states to release less water to lower-basin states during a drought and when less-than-average snowpack accumulates on the Rocky Mountains' western slope.

April 19, 2007--Counties meet on Powell pipeline (Salt Lake Tribune)

The proposed Lake Powell pipeline will funnel more than water to a thirsty southwestern Utah. It will bring jobs, businesses, opportunity. In a word: money...The planned pipeline would transport water 130 miles from Lake Powell to a reservoir in Washington County.

March 27, 2007--River district urges planning for drier future (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

A call on the Colorado River could be decades away, but with less water forecast to flow in the river in the coming years, cities and towns on the Western Slope should plan for water shortages anyway--especially if they have junior water rights...Water shortages caused by regional climate change could affect every water user in the Colorado River Basin, and they should plan for a future with less

March 21, 2007--Snow melting quickly (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

March is usually considered a "powder month" for Colorado ski resorts. Not this year. Powderhorn Ski Resort has lost about 15 inches  of snow in two weeks. Now it's losing up to two inches each day.

March 4, 2007--Experts call for revision on Colorado River plan (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

Global warming stands to reduce flows on the Colorado River...that's just one of five "realities" that people who live in the Colorado River Basin must face...A few other Colorado River realities are: More river water has been divided among its seven basin states than there is water in the river; environmental and recreational demands for river water are increasing as cities grow; and Am

February 12, 2007--Receding El Nino Leaving West Dry (Albuquerque Journal)

El Nino is dwindling, diminishing the odds for a spring wet enough to refill the West's parched reservoirs...That means just average flows in the Rio Grande. That is not good news for Elephant Butte reservoir, which started February with just less than half the water it normally has this time of year.

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