September 16, 2016--For the first time, U.S. and Mexico take stock of the underground water they share (High Country News)

An unknown number of aquifers dot the border along the U.S. and Mexico, groundwater both sides use for agriculture, irrigation, and cities. Likewise, how much border communities rely on them and the ways they are managed by either country remain largely unclear. For a decade, researchers have attempted to study these transboundary aquifers, but limited funding from the U.S.

December 24, 2014--US says Mexico not living up to treaty to share water in times of drought (CCTV)

A water treaty signed between the U.S. and Mexico nearly 70 years ago calls for both countries to help each other by sharing in times of water surplus and shortage, but U.S. officials said Mexico isn’t holding up its side of the bargain.

December 11, 2014--Colorado River delta 25 percent greener (Fronteras Desk)

A report released Wednesday shows an experimental release of water into the dry Colorado River Delta shows potential for how more regular flows could restore the environment. Last spring’s pulse flow was the result of an unprecedented agreement among the seven Colorado River basin states, the United States and Mexico called Minute 319.

August 20, 2014--Lake Powell water releases to Lake Mead will increase in 2015 (Parker Pioneer)

Based on the August 24-Month Study, which is the Bureau of Reclamation's monthly operational study, the water release from Lake Powell to Lake Mead for water year 2015 will be 8.23 million acre-feet. This is an increase from the 2014 release of 7.48 maf, which was the lowest release since Lake Powell filled in the 1960s.

July 7, 2014--In Mexico, water fight underscores distrust of government (Los Angeles Times)

For the first time in modern Mexican history, an armed civilian band has ejected a drug cartel from its environs. But the vigilantes have also proved a challenge to the government of President Enrique Pena Nieto -- making clear that official security forces had been unable to do their jobs.

May 16, 2014--Colorado River reaches sea for first time since 1993 (Daily Camera)

She wasn't necessarily popping champagne last week, but conservationist Jennifer Pitt was certainly celebrating the arrival of water from the Colorado River into the Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California. It was a monumental moment for conservationists, who said that water hasn't flowed regularly from the Colorado River to the sea in more than 50 years.

April 6, 2014--Colorado River progress flows from cooperative spirit (Arizona Central)

The Colorado River is an extraordinary river whose currents flow not just in one direction, but in many directions across landscapes and borders, meeting many needs and demands. Last month, the Colorado River began to flow once again toward the Gulf of California as part of an unprecedented agreement to improve the riparian environment of the river and the Colorado River Delta.

March 4, 2014--Colorado River delta to receive infusion of water (San Diego Tribune)

The United States and Mexico plan to collaborate this month on a pilot “pulse flow” of Colorado River water into the river’s delta in Baja California, a move hailed as historic by environmental groups on both sides of the border. The release at Morelos Dam near near Algodones is expected to start on March 23d, Jack Simes of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said Monday.

January 17, 2014--Interior Secretary Sally Jewell honors US-Mexico Colorado River agreement (News Watch)

Sally Jewell, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Interior, took time today to recognize the heroic efforts of U.S.

December 13, 2013--Water deal: Infrastructure help for Mexico, water for California agencies (My Desert)

Several of the nation’s largest water districts will help Mexico pay for repairs to water infrastructure and in return will receive additional supplies of water from the Colorado River. The Imperial Irrigation District and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California ann

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