Winter 2012

People & Organizations

Magnuson and Higman Recognized by Colorado Division of Water Resources

Two managers of the Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company (MVIC), Don Magnuson and Mike Higman, were recognized as co-Water Managers of the Year for 2012 from the Colorado Division of Water Resources.

Pitts Received NWRA 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Pitts received the National Water Resources Association’s (NWRA) Lifetime Achievement Award at their 81st Annual Conference in California on November 1st.

Crane Departs CWA

Colorado Watershed Assembly (CWA) Executive Director, Jeff Crane, announced his resignation from the organization at the Annual Watershed Assembly Conference in October.

Ehat Retires

After 34 years of public service, Rick Ehat, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Program Manager for the Navajo San Juan Settlement Implementation Project in Arizona and New Mexico, retired at the end of December.

DeAngelis Retires

After 34 years of federal service, Carol DeAngelis, also with the BOR, will be retiring at the end of January this year. Carol has been the Area Manager of the Western Colorado Area Office for 18 years or since 1994. As such, she is one of the longest tenured Area Managers in Reclamation. Carol is a coal-miner’s daughter originally from Trinidad, Colorado.

Dolores Water Conservancy District’s 50th Anniversary

The Dolores Water Conservancy District (DWCD) was formed November 20, 1961. Therefore, they celebrated their 50th anniversary this Fall. In addition, it was the 25th anniversary of water deliveries to farms and towns from McPhee Reservoir. The reservoir site was seen as so ideal that President Teddy Roosevelt chose it for the dam in 1906 during a hunting trip in the area.

La Plata-Archuleta Water District Voters Approve Funds

Voters in November approved the La Plata-Archuleta Water District to borrow up to $25 million to build a network of plants and pipelines to treat and distribute potable water. With all votes counted, 952, or 56 percent, of the voters favored the measure, compared with 736, or 44 percent, who were against it.

Current Events

Droughts Impact on Tourism

The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) hosted a series of informational meetings in Southwest Colorado this Fall related to droughts impact on tourism. The project is entitled Drought Assessment for Recreation and Tourism or DART.

Water History

Miscellaneous Facts

Drought Classifications

Did you know that there are different classifications of drought? The U.S. Geological Survey defines drought types as: 
  • Meteorological: Lack of rain.