San Juan Water Conservancy District


46 Eaton Drive. Suite #5
POB 4632
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
(970) 731-2691


The San Juan Water Conservancy District (“District”) was formed under C.R.S. §37-45-101 et seq. on or about October 20, 1987 when the electors under the jurisdiction of the District passed a petition to form the District. The District Court in and for Archuleta County, Colorado approved the results of the election by order and that order was recorded at Reception #0151175 on October 26, 1987.

The District operates with a One Mill Levy property assessment. The bylaws for the organization provide for nine (9) seats on the board of directors, which are appointed by the District Court Judge for Archuleta County, CO and serve for three (3) year terms. The seats on the board are staggered to assure there is always institutional knowledge of the organization at all times.

At the time the District was formed, Southwester Water Conservation District transferred certain conditional water rights it held into the name of the District. The District has the statutory authority to appropriate water rights, to have and exercise the power of eminent domain and dominant eminent domain, to sponsor water resources projects, to construct water development projects, to develop and operate augmentation plans and to appropriate recreational in-channel diversion water rights, among other powers. The primary function is to address future water supply needs.


As set forth in the Order entered to form the San Juan Water Conservancy District, the purpose is to conserve, maximize and utilize the water resources of the San Juan River and its tributaries, and that property within the District will be benefited by this purpose.


The SJWCD is governed by a nine member Board of Directors who serve four-year terms. The Board adopts an annual budget based upon a mill levy. The present Directors, their positions on the Board, and current terms of office are as follows:

Rodney Proffitt, President/Chairman (to 01/06/17)
Raymond Finney, Treasurer (to 03/21/20)
Allan Pfister, Secretary (to 11/29/19)
Susan Nossaman (to 03/21/18)
John Porco (to 03/21/20)
Doug Secrist (to 03/21/20)

The District meets on the second Monday of each even numbered months – February, April, June, August, October, December. The District meets at its offices located at 46 Eaton Drive, Suite #5; Pagosa Springs, CO 81147. Notices of all meetings are posted in advance according to law.


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