December 23, 2010--Groups clash over state's water issues (Coloradoan)

If Colorado water planners don't encourage new water-supply projects and conservation efforts, farmland could be dried up as the state searches for water sources to sate the thirst of a state population expected to double by 2050, a new report to Gov. Bill Ritter says. The report, issued last week by the Colorado Inter-Basin Compact Committee, or IBCC, also said spending resources on water project fights across the state could lead to poor water planning decisions. Operating under the fear that there may not be enough water to quench Colorado's growing thirst, the IBCC wants to plan for providing water for Coloradans in 2050. The report says water suppliers and interests from across the state need to work together to get that done. But Fort Collins-based Save the Poudre is opposing those efforts, saying the IBCC doesn't represent environmental interests and its policies harm the Poudre River.

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