November 9, 2010--Our wet planet: How did it come to be so blue? (Washington Post)

Imagine you own a gigantic swimming pool that's a thousand miles long and a thousand miles wide. Now imagine you decided to pour all of the world's oceans, lakes and rivers into your pool. It had better be about 333 miles deep (all the way across - no shallow end) to accommodate all that water. In other words, there's a reason the Earth is called the blue planet: It's covered in a lot of H2O. And its surface waters are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Beneath the planet's crust lies more water, probably a great deal. Experts estimate that the planet's interior contains perhaps 10 times more water than exists on the surface. And that might be a serious underestimate. Where did all the water in our world come from? If you've never paused to contemplate that question, you're clearly not a planetary scientist. Those experts have been debating the subject for years and still can't agree on an answer.

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