Colorado Water Congress/IBCC Update

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter outlined three ‘pillars’ for providing water to Colorado in the future at the Colorado Water Congress 52nd Annual Conference in January. “We face really serious challenges,” Ritter told the group. “Colorado has gone from an era of overabundance to where most of our streams are over- appropriated.” Cooperation, preservation of agriculture, and stretching water supplies are the pillars on which future water policy must be built, Ritter said. At the Conference, too, Ritter praised the efforts of the basin roundtables in gaining cooperation, but urged them to pick up the pace. Formed in 2005, the roundtables feed into the Interbasin Compact Committee, which has begun work on a model that outlines scenarios to balance water trade-offs. “I would like to see six additional IBCC meetings this year, rather than quarterly,” Ritter said. “We need to move forward faster and get further into the dialogue.”