Colorado River Availability Study Released

Colorado may have 900,000 acre-feet of Colorado River water left to develop--or it may have nothing. While some general trends are apparent, a new study can't pin down the exact conditions 30 or 60 years from now, but it gives planners better tools. The Colorado Water Conservation Board released Phase I of Colorado River Availability study in February for public review. The study indicated there are more questions than answers when it comes to things like climate change, future demand, and changed uses of water. “The Colorado River is one of the most important sources of water supply for the state,” said Jennifer Gimbel, executive director of the CWCB. “Colorado needs solid information in order to make smart decisions about future water development.” The assessment, funded by $1 million from the state Legislature in 2007, is the most comprehensive to-date on Colorado River supplies. It will be used within nearly every other water planning effort in Colorado. Visit the CWCB website at to view the study.