March 16, 2010--World's largest beer brewer cuts water use, braces for future risks (New York Times)

Drinking less beer and more water is usually a good diet plan -- unless you're the world's largest beer brewer. Instead, Anheuser-Busch InBev is planning to make more beer while reducing water use. Every liter it produced in 2007 required about five times as much water to produce it. Faced with growing water scarcity around the world and increasing pressure to cut consumption, the company plans by 2012 to ratchet down that ratio to 3.5 liters of water per liter of beer, a 30 percent reduction, it announced today. Already, it says, it's about halfway to that goal. AB InBev, which operates in 23 countries worldwide, is among the 60 percent of major beverage manufacturers -- as well as other water-intensive industries, such as power and mining sectors -- looking to reduce their water footprints, according to a recent water risk report by Ceres, a coalition of institutional investors pressing companies to adopt sustainable practices in the name of good business.

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