January 16, 2010--Basin report unveils range of concerns (Pueblo Chieftain)

A new report by the Arkansas Basin Roundtable summarizing the first four years of its work sparked comments this week from roundtable members. On one hand, most all are pleased with the work so far. At least one other roundtable, the South Platte, acknowledged the thoroughness of the report, called “Projects and Methods to Meet the Needs of the Arkansas Basin." But some needs are more pressing than others in the minds of roundtable members. Around the table Wednesday, those who attended shared their views on everything from municipal conservation to agricultural leasing programs to tamarisk removal. “In many regards, this document should be viewed as a milepost along the journey rather than the destination itself,” the executive summary states. “While attempting to analyze projects and methods within a framework of sustainability, this preliminary work provides a platform for understanding the processes necessary to bring genuine solutions to the future needs of the river basin.”

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