La Plata Water Conservancy District--Long Hollow Update

The Long Hollow Reservoir (Reservoir) project took a significant step forward on October 23, 2009, when the Notice to Proceed was issued to GEI Consultants, Inc. to begin the design alternative study for the Reservoir. The goal of the Reservoir, which will be located in southwest La Plata County, is to help the State comply with the La Plata River Compact (Compact) and to provide increased water to irrigators on the La Plata River. GEI and their team, which includes Davis Engineering and Colorado State University, were selected by La Plata Water Conservancy District (LPWCD) and Colorado Water Resource and Power Development Authority (CWRPDA) from a pool of qualified teams. GEI’s first task is to prepare a Pre-Design Report that incorporates existing information, additional field data, preliminary design alternatives and an evaluation of cost and feasibility for each alternative. Analyses of hydrology, design storm, and water quality in the future reservoir also will be completed for this report. It is anticipated that the Pre-Design Report will be complete in January 2010, at which time LPWCD and CWRPDA will review and select the best alternative and begin the second phase of the project, Final Design. Final Design, which is scheduled to be complete by November 2010, will include detailed technical analyses, technical review with the Office of the State Engineer, an Operation Plan that fulfills Colorado’s obligation under the Compact, and compliance with environmental permits. The construction phase of the project is estimated to take 20 months. The Long Hollow Dam and Reservoir is scheduled for completion by the spring of 2013.