California Approves Retrofit on Resale Legislation

According to an article from the Alliance for Water Efficiency, if you buy a home, condo, or commercial property in California in the coming years water efficient toilets and urinals will be part of the deal. Under new legislation passed in October and signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, toilets and urinals across the state must meet efficiency standards as a condition of receiving a certificate of occupancy. The bill would require that a seller or transferor of single-family residential real property, multifamily residential real property, or commercial real property disclose to a purchaser or transferee, in writing, specified requirements for replacing plumbing fixtures, and whether the property includes noncompliant plumbing. This bill represents a tremendous leap forward in plumbing retrofit policy in the United States. If other states adopt similar legislation, adoption of efficient plumbing fixtures could occur even more rapidly than anticipated.