December 23, 2009--Outlook bleak for South Platte River basin (Brighton Standard)

Four and a half years after the Colorado Water for the 21st Century Act set up roundtables of water users and experts to study the state’s water resources and plan for water need through the mid-century, one of the participants issued a terse assessment of the area’s water future. “There is virtually no new water left to develop in the South Platte River Basin,” Mike Shimmin, a member of the Interbasin Compact Committee said in a roundtable progress report Thursday at the Larimer County Fairgrounds. There might not be any more water to develop, but there will be major population growth, perhaps double, in the basin, an area that includes the northeastern quadrant of the state. Closing the door to new residents, an option one member of the audience inquired about, would not completely solve the problem. Fifty percent of the increased water users will be the children and grandchildren of those who are already living in Colorado.

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