April 6, 2009--Kuenhold reviews groundbreaking groundwater case (Alamosa Valley Courier)

Attempts to resolve a precedent-setting court case regarding the San Luis Valley’s first groundwater management sub-district plan continue today in Alamosa. The sponsoring district, Rio Grande Water Conservation District, is hosting computer modeler Dr. Willem Schreüder today, Tuesday, April 7, at 10 a.m. at the Inn of the Rio Grande in Alamosa. Following the meeting with Schreüder, the sub-district board of managers will meet to discuss its next course of action in answering objectors’ concerns to its management plan. Schreüder is expected to address some of the points of contention over the proposed management plan for the Valley’s first sub-district encompassing about 174,000 irrigated acres north of the Rio Grande in the closed basin area. One item Schreüder is expected to address, for example, is the ability of the computer model to identify in time, location and amount the impacts of wells on surface streams.

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