Goodman Point

After decades of triumph and tribulation, Goodman Point residents are now savoring the sweet taste of victory--cool clear Dolores River water flowing directly from their taps. "It tastes great," said J.R. Berry, Goodman Point Water District Board president, "The pressure's good and everything's fine." The more than 11 miles of new pipes were buried just in time before winter froze the ground and blanketed the area with snow. Berry said this will be the first winter he will not have to wait for breaks in the weather to haul water by truck from Cortez, a method residents of the area previously used to get their water. The recent water service to the rural area concludes a 30-year saga by residents to provide water for themselves when no one else would provide it for them. The group eventually founded the non profit Goodman Point Water Association in August of 2006, successfully securing $300,000 worth of grants.