Legislative Update (by Bruce Whitehead)

Bruce Whitehead, Executive Director of the Southwestern Water Conservation District, as well as the District’s representative to the Colorado Water Congress State Affairs Committee, provides weekly legislative updates to interested parties in Southwest Colorado. The following provides the most recent State Affairs Committee meeting from April 11th:
HB 1115 regarding Retainage in Construction Contracts for Public Entities was on the agenda for reconsideration due to substantial changes in the bill. The Water Congress had previously supported the bill, but a subcommittee of the State Affairs has been successful in getting many changes made to the legislation. A motion was made to change the position from Opposition to Neutral as amended, but was one vote short of the necessary 2/3 majority vote. SB 203 concerning the CWCB Species Conservation fund was scheduled for possible action, and the State Affairs Committee also took action on the three bills scheduled for discussion. These include SB 208 regarding the consolidation of the Division of Wildlife and State Parks, SB 220 concerning reduction in mileage allowance for state employees, and SB 226 concerning transfers of moneys to balance the budget.
Possible Legislation: The Water Congress also reviewed a proposed Resolution by Representative Looper regarding changes in the Nutrient Standards by the EPA. The draft resolution does not interfere with any deadlines being proposed by the EPA, but outlines some of the concerns of Colorado water providers and operators of treatment systems. It requests that no rule changes take place until the $400k study funded by the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Health can be completed. The State Affairs Committee voted to support the Resolution in concept.
If you know of any entity or individual that would like to be a recipient of these updates, please contact Bruce at (970) 247-1302.