Lake Durango and La Plata West Water Authorities

In May the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) approved a grant-loan package for the Lake Durango Water Authority. Lake Durango Water Authority is working with the La Plata West Water Authority to provide the infrastructure to get the water it needs to meet demands of customers west of Durango, as well as providing a part of the treatment ability to get potable water to deliver to residents in the western part of the county. Lake Durango needed additional supplies and La Plata West has a commitment to obtain a portion of Lake Nighthorse water, but no way to treat or deliver it. Now, with the approved grant-loan by the CWCB, Lake Durango can build a pipeline from Lake Nighthorse to its treatment plant. It will get some of the additional potable water, with an amount to be reserved for La Plata West when it builds a delivery system. The cooperative effort will decrease the total cost of the La Plata West Water Authority by about $4 million since it will not need to build its own treatment plant, and provides for the use of the intake structure at Lake Nighthorse by the Lake Durango Water Authority.