Bayfield and LPAWD Continue Joint Water Plant Talks

A joint Bayfield/La Plata Archuleta Water District (LPAWD) water treatment plant would cost substantially less than if LPAWD builds a separate plant from scratch. That was the key result of a feasibility study presented to Bayfield town trustees in August. The study by Brilliam Engineering looked at the comparative costs to expand the existing Bayfield water plant capacity by 1 million gallons per day (gpd) to serve both entities, versus LPAWD building its own 1 million gpd plant. The study estimates the cost to expand the Bayfield plant at just over $5 million, versus $8.27 million for LPAWD to construct separately. A joint plant would allow LPAWD to focus on building its water distribution system. The town would continue to own and operate the plant, while LPAWD would share in operation, maintenance, and repair costs.