Jackson Gulch Reservoir

Upgrades at Jackson Gulch reservoir are complete as of October 21st. With 2010 federal appropriation funds of $1.75 million, 1800 feet of pipe was installed at the reservoir. In addition, a new office and superintendent residence on 20 acres (versus the previous 1.5 acres) was purchased. The 20 acres also allows the possibility of up to 150 acre feet of new water storage. The office houses not only historical artifacts and memorabilia related to the Mancos Project, but also a memorial to Vernon Gutjahr, a construction worker who fell to his death in 1948 from a cliff near the inlet canal. It was his first day on the job as a driller on Jackson Gulch Reservoir. Carry over funds were used in 2011 to line 1800 feet of canal at the reservoir. The project was about $90,000 under budget. Kudos and congratulations to Mancos Water Conservancy District (MWCD) Superintendent, Gary Kennedy, for his tireless bird-dogging efforts on these project upgrades. Without him they wouldn’t have been made. The MWCD Board of Directors couldn’t be more pleased.