Pagosa Geothermal Hot Springs Makes Guinness Book of World Records

A new Guinness World Records achievement was verified on August 20th at the Pagosa geothermal hot springs, measuring the deepest in the world. The hot spring had previously been unofficially measured at a depth of more than 1,000 feet. This time the plumb line reached a maximum depth of 1,002 ft. What makes this record interesting is that no one really knows just how deep the hot spring is. Each time the spring is measured, the plumb line runs out before reaching the bottom. 





The 'great spring' or 'mother spring' are fitting titles for what can arguably be called the world's most beautiful hot spring resort.  Discovered hundreds of years ago, the hot springs were revered for their rejuvenating and healing qualities.  In the 1860's, the United States Army studied the medicinal effects of the springs, and the first bath house was built in 1881. Fast forward to the 21st century, and The Springs is now a world-class resort that features numerous soaking pools that are fed by the mother spring.