November 1, 2011--CSU professor: Taking water from agriculture the last thing urban residents want (Windsor Now)

Speaking to a room of people who follow water issues closely, James Pritchett threw out a piece of information about water in the West that came as a pleasant surprise to most, if not all, who attended the Weld County Farmers Union’s annual meeting last week. Referring to a study conducted by students and peers last year, the associate professor of agriculture and economics at Colorado State University told the crowd that taking water from farmers is the last thing residents of the Western United States want to do in efforts to secure their water futures. That survey was based on responses from 6,250 individuals with varying backgrounds and living across 12 states. During his “Irrigated Agriculture in the South Platte Valley in 2050” presentation Thursday at Randy’s All-American Grill, Pritchett said buying water from farmers finished far behind other water security alternatives, like constructing pipelines, requiring in-home conservation, limiting growth of cities, building reservoirs and reusing water in private homes and on private lawns and public landscapes.

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