December 25, 2011--Town still urging people to conserve water (Telluride News)

Last week, Telluride officials urged residents and visitors to conserve water after the town’s municipal water supply unexpectedly dropped to very low levels. A week has passed. And while not much has changed with the water supply — levels remain low — what has changed is the amount of people in town, using that water. “Our consumption is definitely going up,” said Greg Clifton, Telluride’s town manager. “We’re pretty much seeing peak demand now.” That translates into roughly 500,000 gallons of water a day running from faucets, streaming from showers and circulating in washing machines all over town. In response to the drop in the water supply, the town fired up a temporary system of auxiliary pumps and pipes that funnels water from downstream back up to the water treatment plant. That system is running just fine and should get the town through the holidays, Clifton said.
“We’re making the water that’s necessary to meet the demands,” he said. “We’re watching carefully, but so far, so good.” He still wants to urge people to take care with how much water they use. Clifton encouraged people to take shorter showers, do fewer loads of laundry, be careful with water use while doing dishes and keep an eye on conservation. “We’re not wanting to be alarmist about this, but we’re wanting to raise awareness … because it is a concern,” he said.

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