DeAngelis Retires

After 34 years of federal service, Carol DeAngelis, also with the BOR, will be retiring at the end of January this year. Carol has been the Area Manager of the Western Colorado Area Office for 18 years or since 1994. As such, she is one of the longest tenured Area Managers in Reclamation. Carol is a coal-miner’s daughter originally from Trinidad, Colorado. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University. Carol began her Federal career with the BOR in 1978 at their Engineering and Research Center in Denver. Here she served in the areas of design, dam safety, operations and maintenance, and resources management. She also served as the Chief of the Water and Land Division of the Upper Colorado Region in Salt Lake City, Utah. The following is an excerpt from a farewell letter:

I have loved being an Area Manger. It has been an honor for me to play a small part in many multiyear projects: Animas -La Plata; Upper Colorado and San Juan Recovery Programs; Aspinall and Navajo EIS’s; and the Navajo Gallup Project. Through all of this, I realize that the people in this organization are amazing and I might be biased but I believe you are the hardest -working most-capable people to be found anywhere.  It has been a pleasure working and playing with all of you. I will miss you!