“What the heck is a Grange?” many people wonder when first introduced to the term. It turns out Granges have their roots in agriculture--and correspondingly water through irrigation. The National Grange was founded over 145 years ago in 1867. They are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with a strong history in grassroots activism and community service. There are more than 2,100 Granges located throughout the U.S.
The Grange has four levels: community, county or district, state, and national. According to their website (, “Nonpartisan legislative advocacy, educational programs, service projects, and social interaction and networking are just a few of the ways local Granges serve their communities and members.” It should be noted, too, that the list of benefits associated with being a Grange member are extensive!
There are 57 community granges, and eight county Granges in Colorado. In the Dolores/San Juan River Basin there are eight Granges (though some are more active than others): Animas Valley, Breen, Eureka, Florida, Lewis, Marvel, Mount Allison, and Oxford. For more information on Granges or to join or support, contact the National or State Grange (, or locally Cindy Greer at (970) 588-3386 or [email protected]