Southwest Basin Roundtable

At the July 11th Southwest Basin Roundtable (SBR) meeting, it was reported that their account balance is $290,304. Other items discussed included the IBCC’s completion of the portfolios, with next steps to include scenario planning and adaptive management definitions. The SBR Non-consumptive (NC) Committee is in the process of reviewing the list of NC identified projects in the SWSI 2010 report to categorize them into more usable segments.  Next, they plan to determine the best way to go back to the sub-basins to determine the status of identified projects, which ones are ready to move forward, as well as potential new projects. Future use allocations and project implementation measures were also discussed at this meeting. An update on the SBR grant for a study on “Protecting Irrigated Agricultural Lands and Water Rights for Agricultural Production” was provided by Jenny Russell. The Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company was awarded a $52,500 SBR grant to purchase water accounting software for the Company that will increase efficient water management. The La Plata – Archuleta Water District was awarded $25,000 Basin grant to aid in the construction of a municipal water distribution pipeline. The Red Mesa Reservoir Company was awarded a $19,400 SBR grant to analyze spillway alternatives needed to bring the spillway into compliance with dam safety requirements.