Magnuson and Higman Recognized by Colorado Division of Water Resources

Two managers of the Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company (MVIC), Don Magnuson and Mike Higman, were recognized as co-Water Managers of the Year for 2012 from the Colorado Division of Water Resources. The State and Division Engineers recognized Don and Mike for their efforts in leading and promoting efforts resulting in improvements to the MVIC operating system. They and their Board of Directors realized that diversion-only practices were jeopardizing the long-term viability of water rights. Therefore, the policies the Board enacted were integrated with best-use water management by Don, carried out by Mike and staff, and have effectively improved the irrigation system. Randy Carver, president of MVIC said Don and Mike should be applauded for their outstanding efforts in managing both Groundhog and Narraguinep reservoirs through the use of proper water accounting methods that records both diversions and delivery.