Communities in the Basin That Are Gone

Have you ever wondered about the communities in the Dolores/San Juan River Basin that no longer exist? In Archuleta County and the Pagosa Springs area alone, some of those include:

  • ·     Allison
  • ·     Amargo
  • ·     Arboles
  • ·     Bayles
  • ·     Blanco
  • ·     Cat Creek
  • ·     Coyote Park
  • ·     Debs
  • ·     Dyke
  • ·     Echo
  • ·     Edith
  • ·     Juanita
  • ·     Lone Tree
  • ·     Pagosa Junction
  • ·     Piedra or Chimney Rock
  • ·     Tiffany
  • ·     Yellow Jacket

Many of these communities were established and centered around schoolhouses, but with the advent of motored transportation, children were bused to larger and central schools. This left communities like the ones listed above without the need to keep their teachers on or continue to operate their schoolhouses. Additional communities across the Basin that have disappeared include Animas City, Breen, Eureka, Howardsville, Kline, La Plata, Marvel, Porter, and Tuckerville. If you know of others, please contact the WIP.