Larry Dermo

After 23 years on the Southwestern Water Conservation District (SWCD) Board of Directors Larry Dermo has stepped down. Dolores County Commissioner, Doug Stowe, will be taking his place. In addition to the SWCD board, Larry also served for 26 years on the Dolores Water Conservancy District (DWCD) Board of Directors. Dermo started farming with his dad and brother when he was 12 years old. He did this until 1960, when they formed Delmac Farms, Inc. Larry was president of this operation until his oldest son, Lyle, took over the position about five years ago. He and his family, wife Joanne and sons Lyle and Rick, have a 900 acre ranch in Dove Creek were they raise alfalfa, irrigate with center pivots, and selling their product to dairy farms in Texas. Thank you Larry for all of your years of service to the water community on the SWCD and DWCD Boards of Directors! We wish you and your family, including wife of 60 years (in August—congratulations on that milestone, too), best wishes!!