Town of Silverton

The Town of Silverton recently completed reconstruction of the Molas Lake Dam, as well as rehabilitation to the Molas Lake Ditch. These upgrades were needed to support a 2004 municipal water right filing on the Molas Ditch. The dam improvements were a requirement imposed by the State Engineer, Division of Water Resources, to improve the small earthn  dam at the southern end of Molas Lake. In 2005 the Town received Great Outdoors Colorado funding to develop a master plan and begin physical improvements at the campground. In 2006 they obtained initial funds to complete the dam and ditch project, including the Department of Local Affairs ($250,000), Southwest Water Conservation District ($50,000), and the Town of Silverton ($66,000 cash and in-kind). The year 2007 involved extensive permitting work to include the State Engineer for an engineering permit for dam structure, the U.S. Corps of Engineers for a wetland impact permit, and the U.S. Forest Service for a special use permit for ditch use. In 2008, with reconstruction and rehabilitation continuing, project cost overruns were encountered and the Town applied for a $95,000 grant from the Southwest Basin Roundtable. With the funds granted, rehabilitation of the Molas Lake Ditch was competed in the 2009-2010 timeframe. In May 2011 the Colorado Division of Water Resources approved the reconstruction of the Molas Dam. In August 2012, the Town received a final sign-off of the project from the U.S. Corps of Engineers and in October the Town of Silverton Board passed a resolution establishing ongoing custodial obligations over improvements related to the project. Congratulations to the Town of Silverton for a job well done!