Draft Nonconsumptive Toolbox Request for Public Comment

The Interbasin Compact Commission (IBCC) requested that the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) develop a toolbox to help roundtables incorporate nonconsumptive needs into their Basin Implementation Plans. This is a resource document for the roundtables and other stakeholders and brings many documents and technical work together in one place. The draft report is available online at:


The report has been reviewed by the IBCC subcommittee and CWCB staff, which includes a diverse set of agricultural, environmental, and municipal interests, and is now available for public comment. Comments are due by close of business Monday, May 20th to [email protected] As directed by the CWCB Board, staff will review the document with the roundtable chairs, and be available upon request to present the draft document to basin roundtables. Once the document is finalized, staff will present it along with the technical platform and framework for the consumptive portion of the basin implementation plans to each of the roundtables.