Davis to Head CPW Water Unit

Colorado water expert Alex Davis was recently appointed head of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) water unit. Davis, one of Colorado’s leading water attorneys, began her new position on August 8th. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is the largest holder of water rights in Colorado, managing more than 100 reservoirs for recreation and water. “The agency portfolio of water is expansive and important,” said Rick Cables, Director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “It’s critically important that the agency be able to manage its water holdings not only for wildlife and recreation but also in ways that can benefit agricultural interests, recreational outfitters, and municipal water providers.” Davis has an extensive background in Colorado water and water law. She headed the InterBasin Compact Committee from 2009 to 2010. She also served as the Assistant Director for Water at the Colorado Department of Natural Resources for almost five years and as an Assistant Attorney General for Water in the Colorado Office of the Attorney General for many years.