Mulroy to Retire

According to a recent Las Vegas Sun report, Pat Mulroy, one of the most powerful executives in Nevada, plans to retire as General Manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Mulroy, who became boss of the water authority when it was created in 1991, said she hadn’t set a date and would prepare an “orderly transition.” During her 22-year tenure, she worked to ensure that Southern Nevadans had water sufficient to allow explosive growth, nursing water reserves through aggressive conservation efforts while plotting new pipelines—one to ship water from underground reservoirs in Northern Nevada and another to pull water with a deeper straw in drought-stricken Lake Mead. Although there has been no official announcement, Mulroy has begun discussions with authority board members about a transition. “I think it’s time to have that discussion about ‘Where do we go from here?’” Mulroy said. “I have not set a date. It will be when all of that is teed up.” Mulroy also serves as the general manager of the Las Vegas Valley Water District, a position she has had since 1989.