CWC Welcomes New Directors to Board

The Colorado Water Congress (CWC) welcomed a number of new Directors to their Board in November. The 34 person CWC Board of Directors reflects the diverse geographic and professional interests of Colorado’s water community. While two of their new Directors filled vacant seats, they had an opportunity to create five new Board seats--Attorney General, Environmental, Federal Affairs Liaison, Irrigated Agriculture, and Upper Colorado River. Chad Wallace, with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, filled the Attorney General position. Amy Beatie, Colorado Water Trust, took the environmental seat and Christine Arbogast, with Kogovsek and Associates, Inc., filled the federal affairs position. Robert Sakata of Sakata Family Farms took the Irrigated Agriculture seat and Linn Brooks, Eagle River Watershed and Sanitation District, filled the Upper Colorado River position. Thank you to all who serve on the CWC Board and welcome to the new Directors!