Empire Electric Association

Empire Electric Association
801 North Broadway
P.O. Box K
Cortez, Colorado 81321
(970) 565-4444


Established in 1939, Empire Electric Association (EEA) is a member owned nonprofit rural electric cooperative, serving consumers in southwest Colorado and northeast Utah. EEA provides energy and energy related services to Cortez, Dolores, Mancos, Dove Creek, Towaoc, and Monticello.

The mission of Empire Electric Association is to provide safe, dependable, and affordable electricity to its members.
Empire Electric Association is governed by a seven member Board of Directors who represent the 7 Districts which make up EEA's service area. The present Directors, their positions on the Board, and current terms of office are as follows:
Bill Bauer, District Three, President (to 2014)
David Sitton, District Six, Vice President (to 2015)
Jerry Fetterman, District One, Secretary -Treasurer (to 2017)
Sue McWilliams, District Two, Director (to 2017)
Bill Mollenkopf, District Four, Director (to 2016)
J. Kent Lindsay, District Five, Director (to 2015)
John Porter, District Seven, Director (to 2016)

Unless otherwise noticed, the Board of Directors meets the second Friday of each month at 8:30 am at the EEA offices in Cortez. The Manager of the District, Neal Stephens, is directly responsible to the Board of Directors and supervises all of the daily activities of the EEA staff.
Visit the Empire Electric Association website at: www.eea.coop