CDWR’s Wolfe Lends Assistance to Jordan

In late 2012, the Colorado Division of Water Resources received an unexpected inquiry from water officials in an Arab kingdom in Western Asia, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Jordan). Officials there were seeking assistance with compliance and enforcement issues in their water sector particularly as it relates to the illegal constructions and use of water wells. 

In January and December 2013, Colorado State Engineer, Dick Wolfe, was invited to attend two workshops, one in Washington D.C. and one in Jordan related to the topic of compliance and enforcement. Some of Wolfe’s messages included: the principles of regulation—consistent, transparent, equitable, and just; incentives for compliance; deterrence; and tools and approaches for compliance assistance, as well as effective enforcement. The workshops were well received, with more than 65 high-ranking water officials in attendance. Jordan’s plans for the future are to use this information to address longer term administrative, legal, civil society, and public awareness solutions that can be developed in the long-term to help Jordan improve compliance with its water resources and water use rules and regulations.