***Help Save the Colorado River: Pledge Now to the Change the Course Campaign!***

The freshwater team at National Geographic believes the principle of motivated individual action can help to restore the flow of the Colorado River.  Together with the Bonneville Environment Foundation and Participant Media, National Geographic has created the “Change the Course” campaign. On its website, people can pledge to reduce their water footprints directly or indirectly. Pledges include taking shorter showers, choosing vegetables over meat once a week, and seeking locally-sourced meals.  For every pledge, corporate partners of the campaign will sponsor projects that restore flow to the Colorado River on the scale of 1,000 gallons of water per pledge. The benefits of a pledge are thus two-fold: on the one hand, sponsors will target improved water conservation and management strategies. On the other, individuals from Connecticut to Colorado will reduce their water footprints, either directly to ensure that their local rivers maintain a healthy flow, or indirectly to decrease their global water impact. Pledge now!