Revision of Jackson Gulch Reservoir from August 1, 2007 - 10:24pm

Jackson Gulch Rehabilitation Project


The Mancos valley is well known for its quality of hay for local cattle and horses. Much of the hay raised is sent out of state.

Irrigation - hay in the Mancos ValleyMunicipal

  • Mesa Verde National Park receives its municipal water from the project.
  • The Town of Mancos also receives project water which is supplemental water to their adjudicated water supply.
  • The Mancos Rural Water Company, which serves the rural community around Mancos, was organized in 1968.


The district installed a hydro unit on the outlet works in 1995 to assist in O&M costs. The hydro unit puts out up to 250 kwh during the irrigation season only.



  • 1941: Jackson Gulch reservoir was approved by the President for construction. The Mancos Water Conservancy District was organized.
  • 1947: Contract was awarded to Vinnell Company, Inc. out of Alhambra, California.
  • 1949: Jackson Gulch Dam was dedicated on July 3. The first irrigation water was released from Jackson Gulch Dam on July 29.
  • 1963: The O&M of the project was turned over to the Mancos Conservancy District.
  • 1976: Colorado Ute Indians claiming reserved water rights on the Mancos river.
  • 1986: Final settlement agreement with the Colorado Ute Indians water rights.
  • 1995: Construction of powerplant and first operation.
  • 1999: 50th anniversary of the Dam.